Lauren Barger, artist and illustrator


My name is Lauren and I have been making art ever since I could pick up a crayon! 

I attended Herron School of Art and Design and pursued a BFA with a focus in illustration. However, ultimately, I left art school and got a degree in Spanish literature and linguistics. I worked as an immigration paralegal and translator in Washington, DC, for about 5 years after college, but I never fully gave up on practicing and honing my skills as an artist.

In 2018, I moved to Charlotte, NC, and returned to my original passion -art. I opened LB Fine Art in 2019, producing mostly portrait artwork on commission using traditional mediums like watercolor and colored pencil. I also created a few series that garnered a bit of recognition in the Charlotte art scene. Most notable was my “Animal Butt” watercolor series, earning me the playful nickname of “The Butt Lady of Charlotte!” 

Traditional fine art was what I was trained in (at least in high school and one year of art school). But my true love has always been cartoons. I would argue that I never really grew up. I love fart jokes and Disney and have zero shame about it! So, amongst all the fine art realism practice, I experimented with digital art. I like to claim that I went to “Youtube University” for character design and illustration. 

After a few years as the “Butt Lady”, I decided to shy away from the serious commissioned art, and focus more on my digital art. And that’s when I created my beloved “Coffeedraws” series. This unique and interactive social media series has garnered attention from art enthusiasts and followers alike. For 200 consecutive days, every morning while sipping my coffee, I randomly selected one of my followers to digitally draw, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This daily ritual was a delightful way for me to connect with my audience, showcase my artistic skills, and spread joy. The anticipation and excitement of being chosen for a “Coffeedraw” has generated a strong following and has been a highlight of my artistic journey.

I owe a lot to this series. In fact, this series was how I was discovered in the animation industry! My first project was for an animated TV series for Sony TV Kids(Series has not yet been released and is protected under NDA), where I was hired to create characters, costumes, and background concepts!

After Coffeedraws, I expanded upon the idea and launched a new drawing series at the beginning of 2023 called “Pets to People.” In this series, I randomly selected one of my followers’ pets to “toon”, then I would design and illustrate the human version! I would consider this series to be my first “viral” social media venture – gaining me a little of 150K followers between IG and TT. 

In the spring 2023, I was asked to be cohost and partner of MerMay, a globally recognized social media sensation and drawing contest founded by Disney animation legend, Tom Bancroft. This opportunity has allowed me connect with fellow artists from around the world, and eventually cohost another drawing challenge in December named “DISember” – with Disney themed drawing prompts each day of the month. 

Beyond my personal social media art ventures, I’ve had the privilege of working with notable companies in the animation and toy industries including: Sony TV Kids, Nathan Love, Pixelle Studio, Ravensburger, Disney and Mattel.

I am passionate about visual development and character design, and I am currently available for hire. I take pride in making my patrons laugh and smile through my artwork, and I am grateful for the opportunities that art has brought into my life. It truly feels like a destiny fulfilled.

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